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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Handbook is designed to help you run The Duke of Ed effectively as an adult volunteer.

Ensuring The Duke of Ed is run competently and safely is critical which is why this Handbook is so important. We urge all of our adult volunteers (Award Leaders (Coordinators)* and Assessors) to read the Handbook thoroughly and continually refer to the conditions as set out in this Handbook.

The Handbook covers all of the minimum requirements of The Duke of Ed and offers a framework for you to successfully guide your Participants through their individual Awards and is a great tool to use as an Award Leader or an Assessor.

Please refer any questions you may have to your State/Territory Award Operating Authority.

PLEASE NOTE: The Handbook has been updated (April 2014). Please ensure you download and familiarise yourself with the 2014 edition of the Handbook. There have been no major policy changes

> Handbook - Duke of Edinburgh's International Award - Australia (2014 v2)

*  To help us provide Participants with a truly global Award, we have updated some of our terminology to be in line with the rest of our international Award family:

  • Licensed Operator = Award Unit
  • Award Coordinator = Award Leader
  • State Award Office = State / Territory Award Operating Authority
  • Volunteering Section = Service Section