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On a donkey in TibetRegistration with The Duke of Ed in Australia provides Participants and recognised Adult Volunteers limited insurance in the areas of personal accident and public liability while undertaking Duke of Ed activities.

For any incident, an Incident Report needs to be completed and, if required, an insurance claim form. These report forms and policy documents can be found below.  

Any further questions can be addressed to your State/Territory Award Operating Authority (office)*.

Incident Report Form (for incidents not requiring an insurance claim)
Incident Report Form (107.07kB)

Incident Report Form (for incidents requiring an insurance claim)

Certificate of Currency Public Liability

Certificate of Currency Personal Accident

Public Liability Insurance Schedule

Personal Accident Insurance Schedule

Please note:

  1. If any activities undertaken are considered to be in the high-risk category, then the onus of responsibility and Insurance is placed upon the Participant. Participants are encouraged to take out their own Insurance or check whether they are covered by their Award Unit's (Licensed Operator's)* Insurance (if any) in relation to these high-risk activities.
    High risk activities, for example, may include skydiving, scuba diving, skiing. Even though these activities are not covered by The Award Insurance, Participants may use these activities for Award requirements, but must ensure adequate Insurance is purchased. Please see website for full details.

  2. Insurance cover is only for Australia. If a Participant is undertaking any activities for The Award outside Australia they must make their own arrangements or check with your organisation’s Insurance arrangements.

*  To help us provide Participants with a truly global Award, we have updated some of our terminology to be in line with the rest of our international Award family:

  • Licensed Operator = Award Unit
  • Award Coordinator = Award Leader
  • State Award Office = State / Territory Award Operating Authority
  • Volunteering Section = Service Section