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How Is The Duke of Ed Run?

The Duke of Ed has been around for many years, and in order to remain such an amazing and effective program empowering young people, it has required numerous people to be involved.  Without them there just wouldn't be an award program.
From the administrative running to being right in the mix with Participants, the people who are involved in the running of The Duke of Ed is as follows:

  • The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award - Australia (National Award Authority - NAA)   

This is the head office of Australia and is licensed by the International Award Association to operate The Duke of Ed in Australia. 

(See the full structure of The Duke of Ed internationally)

  • State/Territory Award Operating Authority

Every State/Territory has an office which is the central point of contact for running The Award and is licensed by the NAA to run the Award. 

These offices give out the handbooks and support the Award Units (Licensed Operators)*, Award Leaders (Coordinators)* and Participants. 

They also run special projects which you can see by visiting our projects page.

  • Award Units 

Award Units are licensed in every State/Territory to run The Duke of Ed in their organisation by their State.Territory Award Operating Authority.  

These Award Units nominate a key point of contact, known as an Award Leader, to run The Duke of Ed.  

  • Award Leaders 

Award Leaders help Participants with their Duke of Ed by monitoring, discussing, encouraging and motivating them to reach their goals!  

They are volunteers and without them the Award wouldn't operate.  

  • Assessors

Assessors also follow and encourage Participants by assessing their involvement in the specific Section/s.

Assessors have to be approved by Award Leaders and/or the Award Unit. 

How To Become Involved

The best way for you to become involved is by contacting your State or Territory Office.  They can answer any questions you have about the award and help you choose the best avenue of becoming a part of this international youth organisation.  

*  To help us provide Participants with a truly global Award, we have updated some of our terminology to be in line with the rest of our international Award family:

  • Licensed Operator = Award Unit
  • Award Coordinator = Award Leader
  • State Award Office = State / Territory Award Operating Authority
  • Volunteering Section = Service Section