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Volunteer Code of Conduct

It is a requirement of The Duke of Ed that all adult volunteers agree to the Volunteer Code of Conduct.

The Volunteer Code of Conduct is reproduced below and can be downloaded by the clicking on the following link:

Volunteer Code of Conduct (356 KB)

For the purposes of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (‘The Duke of Ed’), and therefore this document, a “Volunteer” means anyone over the age of 18 who assists with The Duke of Ed, either in a paid or unpaid capacity. This includes all Award Leaders*, Assessors and Supervisors.

In consideration of the Award Unit

                                  [name of School/Organisation/Group]

approving me as an Award Leader/Assessor/Supervisor/Volunteer in relation to The Duke of  Edinburgh’s International Award, I undertake that I will:

  1. Comply with and exercise due care in carrying out my Roles and Responsibilities (as outlined in Section 2 of The Duke of Ed Handbook [The Handbook], available at

  2. Comply at all times with the requirements of The Duke of Ed and with all applicable laws relevant to fulfilling my obligations to The Duke of Ed.

  3. Meet all applicable Child Protection Legislation requirements in my State/Territory.

  4. Undertake training and meet accreditation requirements, as appropriate.

  5. Respect the privacy of persons served by The Duke of Ed and hold, in confidence, sensitive, private and personal information collected in relation to The Duke of Ed in accordance with the Privacy Policy of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award - Australia [ACN 114 269 195] (National Award Authority) and the law (reports of child abuse or neglect will be handled under the relevant State/Territory legislation).

  6. Immediately advise the aforementioned Award Unit of any matter of which I am involved that has or could lead to criminal conviction. Advise the Award Unit of any Officer or employee of the Award Unit; or any Award Leader/Assessor/ Supervisor/ Volunteer involved in the management and/or delivery of The Duke of Ed, who I believe has acted in a way which may be detrimental to the good name of The Duke of Ed.

  7. Comply with the Key Principles of The Duke of Ed (as outlined in The Duke of Ed Handbook).

  8. Represent The Duke of Ed with professionalism, dignity and pride, and be responsible for conducting myself with courtesy and appropriate behaviour.

  9. Undertake my role in a safe work environment. This includes: taking reasonable care for my own health and safety; ensuring that my conduct does not adversely affect the health and safety of others; compliance with any reasonable instructions relating to health and safety; and cooperation with any reasonable policy or procedure relating to health and safety that applies to me, my colleagues, people I am supervising or who are considered to be in my care.

  10. Follow through and complete agreed tasks and commitments.

  11. Conduct myself in a respectful manner, exhibit good conduct and be a positive role model.

  12. Display respect and courtesy for Participants of The Duke of Ed, other Volunteers, staff, contractors and property.

  13. Provide a safe environment by not harming youth or adults in any way, whether through discrimination, sexual harassment, physical force, verbal or mental abuse, neglect, or other harmful actions.

  14. Work cooperatively as a team member with employees of The Duke of Ed and other Volunteers.

  15. Undertake to provide assessment for The Duke of Ed only in areas where I am suitably qualified and/or experienced.

  16. Copy and distribute materials the Award Leader gives me only for the purposes of The Duke of Ed and not otherwise use them without the prior written consent of the National Award Authority.

  17. Not use those materials in any way which would bring The Duke of Ed, Award Unit, State/Territory Award Operating Authority or the National Award Authority into disrepute.

  18. Immediately stop use of all materials once my involvement with The Duke of Ed ends.

  19. Ensure that any improvements or developments or new versions of the materials, including new materials I create based on or incorporating them, belong to the National Award Authority (NAA) and I assign all rights, including intellectual property rights in them, to the NAA.

  20. Ensure that any documents, collateral, website pages or other items that utilise the international logo meet all requirements of the Style Guide (available from the National Award Authority).

  21. Ensure that all new materials utilising The Duke of Ed logo which contain interpretive content** regarding The Duke of Ed has been approved by the National Award Authority prior to being circulated. A copy of all such materials will be retained by the National Award Authority for reference purposes.

I am aware of my obligations as outlined in this document and that my approval as Award Leader/Assessor/Supervisor/Volunteer in relation to The Duke of Ed may be terminated as a result of any breach by me of the undertakings in this document.

A description of my role and responsibilities under The Award are detailed below, as well as the requirements and fundamental principles of The Award, which I have read and understand. I will comply with all of these requirements.

Award Leader roles and responsibilities

Assessor roles and responsibilities

Supervisor roles and responsibilities

We support the Department of Education and Communities' Volunteering Statement of Principles

* To help us provide Participants with a truly global Award, we have updated some of our terminology to be in line with the rest of our international Award family:

  • Licensed Operator = Award Unit
  • Award Coordinator = Award Leader
  • State Award Office = State / Territory Award Operating Authority
  • Volunteering Section = Service Section

** Interpretive content refers to any information published by The Duke of Ed which has been re-worded