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ORB Participants FAQ’s

Participant PDF version

  • My Award on ORB isn’t up to date – can I backdate logs?

    You will be able to add backdated logs in the IORB - as long as the activity log dates do not precede your Award start date, the system will accept the logs. If you have any technical issues with this, orb@dukeofed.com.au for technical assistance.

  • What does an ORB account look like?

    Once you log into the Online Record Book, you will be taken to the home page of your account. If you had an account before the changeover to the new system, all of your Award information will be populated into the ORB.


    Duke of Ed IORB Participant view


    If you are new user to the IORB, once your registration form has been approved by your Coordinator [Award Leader] when you first log in you will be taken to a page that asks you which section will be your Major section – once this question has been answered, you will be taken to the home page.


    Duke of Ed participant view 2

    Everything you need to access to manage your Award online is available from this home page – setting up activities, adding logs, viewing a summary of your activities, managing assessment of activities, uploading and downloading files and submitting Award for approval.

  • I do not yet have an Award online? How do I register?

    Go to The Duke of Ed website www.dukeofed.com.au and select ‘Register here’ from the login portal on the home page.


    Duke of Ed ORB Registraion

    You will be taken to a registration page for the Online Record Book.


    Duke of Ed Duke of Ed ORB Registraion

    Complete the registration form and press ‘Register’ button. Your Award Leader is required to then review and approve the registration. Once this approval has been granted via the ORB, you will receive a username and password to log into ORB.

  • What if I forget my password?

    There is a ‘Forgot Password’ link underneath the login portal to the Online Record Book on The Duke of Ed website www.dukeofed.com.au. To have your password sent to you, click on the link and then enter your username and press ‘Submit’.


    Duke of Ed password


    Your Award Leader is also able to change your password if you are not able to receive an email with the detail.

  • How do I change my password?

    Once you have logged into the ORB, you can change your password. To change your password, hover over ‘Welcome Your Name’ and select ‘Change Password’ and follow the instructions on the resulting screen. You cannot change your username – this will always default to be your email address.


    Duke of Ed change password


  • How do I see a summary of my Award?

    Hover over the My Award menu and select ‘Award Summary’. This will bring up a page with an overview of each Section. You also have the option on that page to download a PDF summary or your Award or individual Sections.


    Duke of Ed Award summary

  • How do I change my major Section if I change my mind?

    Hover over the My Award menu and select ‘Choose Major’. You will be taken to a page where you can edit the Section you wish to pursue as your major Section. Changing your major section will change the percentage, hours and weeks completed requirements for both the section that was the major and the section you are changing the major to.

    Duke of Ed change major

  • How do Assessors sign off on my sections if they are not online?

    Participants download a summary of the Activity they want assessed and either print it out or email the summary to the Assessor for them to review. The summary also has room for the Assessor’s report to be recorded on it. Once the report has been received back from the Assessor, you or your Award Leader can upload the report into the Library.

  • How do I upload journey logs/images/Assessor Reports into my Library?

    Hover over the ‘My Award’ menu and select ‘Library’. This will take you to the Library page where there is an option to ‘Upload files to your Library’. Select ‘Upload files to your Library’, complete the details of what you would like the file to be called and use the ‘browse’ button to locate the file that has been saved on your computer to upload into the Library. If it is an Assessor report being uploaded, tick the Assessor Report tickbox. Once file is selected and all relevant fields on the pop up window have been completed, press save. The file will upload and should be visible in your Library.


    Duke of Ed library upload


    Duke of Ed library upload

  • How do I add a log to my Activities?

    On your home page, once you have set up the details of the Activity or Activities you are doing for the Award Sections, a ‘Log’ button will appear. Click on the ‘Log’ button and you will be redirected to a page where you can log your Activities.

    Duke of Ed ORB adding logs

  • How do I edit or delete a log?

    If you have entered your log incorrectly, you can easily edit it. Click on the relevant Activity heading on your homepage. This will take you to your log page - find the log you wish to edit or delete and press the appropriate button. By clicking edit, the log will become active and you will be able to change the detail and save again. By clicking delete, the log will be removed from your page and your 'percentage complete' calculation for the Section and the overall Award will drop.


    Duke of Ed ORB editing or deleting logs


    If you are having further problems editing or deleting your logs, contact the Online Record Book Helpdesk on (02) 8241 1500 [prompt 3] or via orb@dukeofed.com.au.

  • My Section had been approved by my Assessor but in the ORB, the Section is showing as ‘In progress’ rather than ‘Section completed’. What do I do?

    Log into your Record Book – on the homepage is a panel on the left-hand side showing your Award Progress both overall and broken down by Section. Looking at the progress for the Section in question, it should be showing as 100% with a button next to the percentage that reads ‘Submit’.


    Duke of Ed ORB progress update


    Press that button to submit the Section to your Award Leader for final approval. If you need further assistance, contact the ORB Helpdesk on orb@dukeofed.com.au.

  • Where do I go to add logs to my Award records in the Online Record Book?

    Please note: If you have not set up an Activity for your Sections (i.e. adding in the detail of what you are doing for Skill, Fitness or Service [Volunteering] into the ORB), you will not be able to enter your Activity logs. If you need to know how to do that before entering your logs, go to the FAQ titled “How do I add Award Section and Activity details to the ORB?”

    Once the Section and Activity details have been completed, you will be able to add Activity Logs into the ORB. Go to the Section you want to add logs to on your ORB homepage and select the ‘Log’ button. A new screen will display with the relevant fields for date, duration and description of the Activity. Complete the details and Press ‘Save Log’ button. Make sure you add a new log for each day that you do an activity.

    Duke of Ed ORB edit activity and log

  • How do I add Award Section and Activity details on the ORB?

    To set up the Activities for your Award Sections, log in to the ORB and locate the Section/Activity details link for the relevant Section on your homepage. Press the Set up Activity button for that Award Section (see below).


    Duke of Ed ORB set up activity


    You will be taken to the Activity Details page for that Section.

    • Select an Activity Type and Activity from the drop down lists. If the Activity you would like to do is not on the list, you can enter it into the “If Other Please Specify”
    • Enter your Goal for this Section
    • Press the ‘Save Activity’ button


    Duke of Ed ORB adding activity details


    Once you press “Save Activity”, your homepage will display the information you have entered for that Section Activity and two additional buttons will appear for that Section:

    1. Edit Detail – If you want to update the detail of your Section / Activity, select this button
    2. Log – to enter Activity Logs, select this button
  • I am doing more than one Activity for a Section, how do I record that in the ORB?

    Once you have entered the first Activity for the Section and saved it, you will get the option on your Section / Activity detail on your homepage to set up another Activity.

    Duke of Ed ORB adding additional activities

  • I have tried to upload files onto the Online Record Book but it's not saving?

    They have not been lost but, depending on the file type, they may not have been allowed into the
    International Online Record Book. The IORB has much stricter rules around what types of files can be uploaded for reasons of both security and speed of the IORB. If any of the files you uploaded to the Australian ORB were the following file types, they will not have been transferred into the new system. You will need to save the document as an acceptable file type (see table below) and upload to the IORB.

    Duke of Ed ORB acceptable file type

  • Which internet browsers are supported?

    We support IE9 (Internet Explorer), Firefox (v26.x) and Safari on Mac (v7.x) only.

  • I've added an activity log to the ORB but my percentage complete hasn't increased?