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Duke of Ed Employer Endorsements

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“Leadership, responsibility and respect for fellow citizens are important qualities we look for in our young employees. Hungry Jack’s is proud to be a ‘Duke of Ed Employer’ as we believe these valuable life skills are cultivated through participation in the Award.”

– Mr Jack Cowin, Executive Chairman, Hungry Jacks



“Passion, integrity, respect, leadership and social responsibility are Blackmores’ core values by which we recruit, reward and recognise our employees and partners. These are the same values that are exemplified by the Duke of Edinburgh Awards which is why we are delighted and honoured to support the Duke of Edinburgh program.”

– Christine Holgate, Ex CEO, Blackmores


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“I believe the Duke of Edinburgh International Award cultivates the type of person with an aptitude to go that extra mile, a trait shown by successful employees the world over. Essential life skills instilled from an early age can only elevate the chances of a bright and successful future.”

– Mr Damian Boyle, Managing Director, Compact Home Lifts




 “Having the right people in our business is critical to its success and sustainability. Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award participants understand personal and collective commitment to goals and therefore make the transition from study to work extremely well.”

– Mr Tom Mould, Managing Director, Trade Glass Depot/Aqua Vista Glass








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“I’m so proud to be a Duke of Ed Employer because these young people take massive action to improve themselves whilst improving their local communities. To successfully complete the program, these graduates associate with positive, can do people, they become expansive in their thinking, they learn to see wider, further and deeper than others. The program exposes them to the power of leadership which is a must-have for any successful organisation.”

– Sarina Russo, Founder & Managing Director, Sarina Russo Group


“Completing The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a strong independent signal that a student has these (particular) attributes and skills, which means they arrive at university with a head start on their peers. We can be confident that these students are not only the type of people we want as part of the La Trobe community, but they will be strong candidates for future employers.”

– Professor John Dewar, Vice-Chancellor, La Trobe University